Lygia Pape and "Divisor", 1989 / Photo: Maurício Cime


"Homage to Lygia Pape" Filmmuseum, Munchen, Germany, 2004
"Homage to Lygia Pape" – Bergamin Gallery , São Paulo, 2005 (view)
"Espaço Lygia Pape" [The Lygia Pape Space] – a room for creation in printmaking and modeling with the Visual Arts Course at the Centro Universitário de Barra Mansa – UBM, RJ, at the invitation of Ronaldo Auad (who holds a master's in Art Science from the Universidade Federal Fluminese), 2005
"Tropicália Exhibition", Catalogue in memory of Lygia Pape, 2005
"Homage from friends", 2006 (view)
Apocalipse Crew, a cultural collective guided by Ronald Duarte, got together in December 3rd, 2006, at Aterro do Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) for an hommage to Lygia Pape and her works "Neoconcret Ballet #1" and "Cockroach's Box". (view)


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