Work "KV10" - Kunsthalle Zu Kiel, Germany / 2008
About the Association


The organizational structure of the Projeto Lygia Pape cultural association was set up by the artist herself during her lifetime. It was founded on 22 June 2004.

By way of Paula Pape and her rights as defined by a formal contract with the artist herself, the Projeto Lygia Pape is the sole, rightful administrator of the Cultural Assets, which include control of copyrights on works and images, as well as authorization for the use of biographical data and other considerations, on a worldwide basis.

The association's aims are to catalog, organize and conserve the collection of the artist and the artist's image while promoting public awareness concerning the artist's life and work, by way of exhibitions, books, catalogs, films, lectures, interviews, and other means. It has the exclusive right to issue certificates of authenticity for artworks and to verify the authenticity of documents regarding the artist Lygia Pape.

Since it is a not-for-profit entity, it is open to contributions, donations and collaborations of any type on the part of private or public entities or individuals, with the aim of developing and strengthening its activities.

Paula Pape

President | Director

Photographer, web designer, journalist and Bachelor of Law - Faculdade da Cidade, RJ

Ricardo H. S. Fortes

Vice President | Director

Plastic artist, Naval Engineer and Lawyer - UFRJ

Maria Clara Amado Martins

Collaborative Partner | Council

Professor at UFRJ-FAU, FAU-UFRJ PROARQ Doctorate, Master of Art and Art Criticism - EBA-UFRJ

José Mario Brandão

Collaborative Partner | Council


Pedro Ricardo Pape Fortes

Collaborative Partners | Council

PLP's Legal Coordinator, lawyer and photographer
Univercidade, RJ

Luíza Pape Fortes

Collaborative Partner | Council

Coordinator of the PLP image, Industrial Design and Graphic Design - Univercidade, RJ

Daniel Gabrielli

General Assistant

Visual Artist, Bachelor of painting EBA - UFRJ

Fernando Antonio Correa

Image Processing

Graphic Design - Universidade Veiga de Almeida, RJ
Graphic Design - SENAI, RJ
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